Monday, November 29, 2010

Boho Sterling Silver Nature Jewelry

This post was inspired by one of my facebook friends,whom i've never meet,but she sure has had an impact on me!Her name's Jessica Gatlyn and here is here's a picture of her on her wedding day.The earrings were what got me going.I watched their wedding on youtube and you can see the earrings better there.(Not to mention the dress!)

(Picture is Copyright Shelley Paulson)

She now has a sweet baby boy,and blogs about him and her husband and life.if you'd like to check it out,it's

Heart of Pearl Leaf Necklace

Sweet Little Spotted Birds in STERLING SILVER

silver feather bracelet

Thursday, November 11, 2010

1800's Inspired Silk Chiffon Dress

Wow.I have not blogged here for over a month!O_O How did that happen?So sorry,guys.

I found this lovely silk gown with an old fashioned flair recently on etsy.I'm not much for strapless gowns,but I think this one is elegant and amazing in it's simpleness.(Though I'm sure it was anything but simple to sew!Gotta admire someone who can make a dress like this.)

Natural Silk,Once upon a time Wedding Gown by AphroditeFashion

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I saw this wedding featured over at "Ruffled" blog,and loved this dress.
It's a Carolina Herrera,Garden Party/35806 from Preowned Wedding Dresses.
Here are three pictures from the blog post that I think shows it best.

This one was just sweet,and you get to see the back of it,and how it looks it in that kind of lighting.

You can see the detail of the fabric here.

This one makes the silhouette really pop.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Today's post is all about...turquoise..I love this color!And it's big for not only summer,but fall.

I was partly inspired by Anthropologie's silk dress.I think this would be lovely for bridesmaids,and you could even layer a cream lace long-sleeved shirt underneath.I really want this dress for myself.And it's on sale right now!

Endless Skies Dress

I made these.I think they would go well with the dress.

Turquoise and Copper Wirework Branch Earrings

A pair of cute flower shoe clips. :D

Romantic Flower Shoe Clips with Turquoise Fabric and Ivory Organza Fabric

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Tulle is such amazing stuff.Fun to work with,fun to wear,light floaty,and whimsical.It's the fabric most tutu's and veils are made with.Here are a few tulle items.I was just going to share the tulle hair clip and earrings I made,but then I thought there would be a pretty tulle skirt or dress that would go with them,as well.
Sure enough,there was.

A Whimsical Spring by ouma clothing

Joana-White Tulle Flower Bridal Hair Clip by Jenny's Treasures

Whisper Tulle Earrings by Jenny's Treasures

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Interview with Sarah of Idoweddingveils

A while back,I stumbled upon Idoweddingveils on etsy,while searching for silk tulle wedding veils.I have talked with Sarah a few times,and she's a really nice lady.That's her picture above.So I asked her if I could feature her on my blog,and here is what she said.....

Q: Where are you from and a little, or a lot about yourself.

A: Well I have practically no accent and am terrified of the cold, so most people don’t believe me when I say that I’m Scottish. I’m originally from Edinburgh but I’ve been living in Sydney, Australia for the last four years. I came for a visit and a friend’s wedding only to meet my Irish husband-to-be two weeks after I landed. The rest I guess is history.

We live in a beautiful suburb of Sydney near the water, with our gorgeous dog Allie and we spend as much time together as we possibly can. I still work full time doing contract admin work in the city and hope to be working part time from home by the beginning of January, with a commitment to quitting my day job by the end of next year.

Q: Are you married? If you are, what was your wedding like? If not, what would be your dream wedding?

A: We were to be married on the 8th October this year, however due to a job loss in June we had to cancel last month. It’s been an incredibly emotional experience but one where we have been able to come out of knowing what’s important and knowing what a great team we are, together with our families.

When we do reschedule, our wedding will be filled with candlelight, laughter, music, mulled wine and lots and lots of dancing!

Q: What skills (any skills, not just crafty ones) do you wish you knew more about?

A: At the moment, I wish I had skills in the IT/Web design area. That and photography. It’s really hard when you’re starting out and you have to outsource a lot of this. It’s also very expensive.

My fiancĂ© is a cabinet maker and I’m always amazed at how clever he is with timber. We restore old pieces of furniture together and I love learning more about his trade. I’m attracted to new skills almost every day and genuinely think I might just die if I couldn’t make things. I take evening classes in everything from corset making and pattern cutting to worm farming and French.

I want to know more about everything.

Mantilla Veil

Q: Tell us a little bit about the materials you use, silk tulle, lace, crystals and pearls. How do you find silk holds up and any advice for a bride considering wearing a silk veil?

A: I spent over nine months researching the industry, the fabrics available and the suppliers, until finally I had the best quality products to work with. I wanted to move away from the throwaway society we seem to find ourselves in and create long lasting products. It was incredibly important to me to source everything I use from countries that have good human rights, good working conditions and ethical trade. It’s amazing how many businesses don’t know the country of origin of a product they sell.

When I choose a fabric, whether it’s silk or nylon tulle or lace, it has to feel gorgeous to touch, it has to fall beautifully and it has to be comfortable to wear. There’s absolutely no point in choosing a soft silk gown only to have a stiff piece of tulle on your head.

I have two antique (1890 – 1920) silk veils and they are perfectly wearable and holding up very well. Silk is a natural fibre which makes it incredibly strong and of course better for the environment. It is however delicate tulle and just like its nylon counterpart, you have to be careful not to catch jewellery or a heel on it because it can tear.

A silk veil is an investment; it’s not just for one day. Looked after and stored properly, it will be worn by friends, family members and future generations. Silk is one of the most luxurious fabrics to wear and of course a wedding is the perfect opportunity to wear it.

Q: What are your favorite things about selling on Etsy?

A: Absolutely the community. Being surrounded by people with such a commitment to handmade and cottage industry is just brilliant, I love it!

Q: What is the item you love the best in your shop?

A: I have a cathedral length version of the chapel length silk tulle veil with Swarovski crystals and that has to be one of my favorites. There’s just nothing like the feel and look of silk tulle. I also love the lace edge fingertip veil; it’s just so pretty and light and a great modern option.

Q: This is my favorite item, and I love that picture.
Silk Tulle Chapel Length Veil With Swarovski Crystals

Is that from a real wedding, or a photo-shoot? I would love to know who did the photography, as I'm sure other people would, cause it's so beautiful.

A: Yes it’s from a real wedding and the photographer is a lady called Natalie Page: She is just wonderful to work with and really knows how to capture the shot. She travels internationally for weddings and I can highly recommend her.

Q: Do you have a twitter, facebook, or blog?
A: I have a website,a blog and a Facebook page. These have only recently been set up so they’re a bit of a working progress.

Q: Anything else you would like us to know?

A: I also offer brides a complete couture service which includes comprehensive consultations, pattern making, samples of tulle, colour swatches and sourcing of any specific pieces that a bride may want including vintage jewellery/fabric / lace to give you just a few examples. The veils listed in my shop are just examples of my work but each veil can be custom made to be as unique as the bride who’s choosing it.

As well as making veils, I will soon be offering clutch purses and accessories made from vintage, upcycled and repurposed silks.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any queries.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lovey in Blue

I found this picture while browsing on picasa.It is one of the most stunning pictures ever!
(Click on the picture to see it larger).

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Just Peachy

Ah,I love this color!Especially for fall.Saw this dress on modcloth and that's what started this whole post.I really wish I could get this peach silk dress.Peach..and silk..mmm.I think it would make good bridesmaids or Matron-of Honor dresses.
Hello,Marilyn Dress in Peach

What a cheerful thing to wear around your neck!
Rope Necklace in Yummy Brights

There are more of these headbands in other colors,love this etsy shop!So nice and delicate looking,with a splash of bling.And I have a feeling those crystals will not fall off anytime soon like they often do from other stores.
Savannah - peach swarovski crystals in antiqued copper flowers

I searched a long time to find some oak leaf earings like I imagined,and finally found these.....

Real Lacey Oak Leaf Earrings in Iridescent Copper

These vintage shoes are on sale for $10 right now.
Coral vintage heels

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Shop Feature-Kelley of Drawworm

Today's feature is about Kelly,an artist who has a shop on etsy.She draws custom portraits from photographs,and her bridal drawings are really lovely.I got to ask her a few questions,and she shared some photos from her wedding,as well.

(Kelley's self portrait)

Me:Tell us a little bit about you and your shop.
Kelley:In high school my mom gave me a book called "Draw Real People!" and my life was never the same. I especially liked drawing pictures for my friends and seeing their expressions when I gave them the drawings. Two years ago I opened up my Etsy shop, "drawworm," where I draw custom pencil portraits from people's photographs. My customers so far have been awesome, and working closely with them is a lot of fun.

Me:When did you first start drawing?
Kelley:There has never been a time in my life when I wasn't drawing. Seriously, I can't remember a time when I didn't feel a need to have some paper and pens nearby.

Me:Story behind your shop name?
Kelley:When I was young, my father saw me with my nose buried in a book and said, "You're such a bookworm!" My little brother, knowing my love for drawing, added, "Yeah, and you're a drawworm, too!"

Me:Are you married?What was your wedding like?Any favorite vendors?
Kelley:I got married two years ago in a quaint, white chapel. We had a small reception in the church courtyard, and were blessed with mild, sunny California weather. We had the caterer serve bubble milk tea at our reception. Our younger guests loved it, while our older guests (who had not yet been introduced to the recent bubble tea trend) were a little befuddled. Either way, people really remember the bubble tea at our wedding!

(Guests drinking bubble tea)

Me:I know this varies,but about how long does it take you to draw a Custom Bridal Portrait from Photo 9x12?
Kelley:I usually finish a 9x12 drawing within two weeks, but I can do it in one week, if needed.
(Custom Bridal Portrait from Photo - 9x12)

Me:One of your favorite drawings so far?
Kelley:My favorite drawing is this one:Angel Portrait

I like the "bokeh" effect in the background.

Me:One or two random facts about you? :)
1. I am left-handed
2. I hate the feel of egg cartons

Me:Do you have a twitter,facebook,or blog?
Kelley:I do have a blog, where you can see other drawings I'm working on, cool stuff I find on Etsy, and other artists I find inspiring.